Get to know: Walker White


Walker will attend the Cincinnatti game on Sept. 3 and Ole Miss’ game against UCA on Sept. 10.

Richard, I watched him Friday against a good Benton team and was very impressed. He completed long passes with touch, and threw some bullets with lots of zip. Not only does he have the size and arm, he can run.

If he doesn’t commit early (I hope he does), he will be the most highly recruited AR high school QB in a LONG time.

Imo, he is ahead of where the Allen boys were as juniors. (I reserve the right to change my mind as I watch more games :flushed:).

What do you think?

I wrote about him as a freshman because I saw a guy with a lot of talent and a huge upside.

Last year was a growing year for him. He knew he needed to improve his accuracy and I believe he’s done that.

I think he’s going to have a breakout season.


Super impressive kid with all that talent and he is a huge human also.

Comes from a great great family.


John Rees is his grandpa.

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Isn’t he John David’s brother? And does that help us or hurt us?

Yeah, JD is his brother. No impact.

Walker will go where he’s needed and wanted.

I think his dad played golf at UA.

Former Hog football player John Aaron Reese is his uncle.

Zac White is another brother and was part of the Hog baseball team for awhile.

From the camp story back in June.

White has strong ties to Arkansas. His great-grandfather Harold “Greasy” Rees played football for the Razorbacks; his grandfather John Rees played receiver from 1968-70; and his uncle John Aaron Rees played from 2005-2008.

His father, David, played golf at Arkansas in the early 1990s while his brother, John David, played receiver at Arkansas until transferring to UCA in January. His brother, Zac, was an infielder for the Razorbacks’ baseball team last year.

Richard, if you’re at liberty to share, how do you feel about our chances with him?

Thanks -

It’s going to be an Arkansas and Ole Miss race. We’ll see. Ole Miss is coming at him hard.

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Gross….just gross :face_vomiting: RD!!!

I would keep an eye on Bama.

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