Get Ready...

There will be a whole lot of blue on your screen tonight… Singer will be on camera constantly even when he’s on the bench and there will be a trivia pursuit game in the booth trying to reveal all the facts on his first year in Little League. When Singer is not on camera it will be firmly focused on O’Sullivan and his brilliant recruiting of Singer in the first year of Little League and how the Florida pitching could replace any major league staff ever to pitch. There will not, however, be a mention that we have owned Singer and his 14 plus ERA against us. Very little red and when we win, they will interview Singer.

I know you are being a little extreme to prove a point (and I somewhat agree with you) but one point you made is absolutely true. I haven’t seen (thinking TV media) anyone mention how we have pretty much been his kryptonite between last year in the SEC tourney and the 1st game of our series earlier this year.

Surely that will get mentioned at some point; I hope it is after we send him to an early shower. :slight_smile: Of course, if that happens it will probably be attributed to the fact he is on short rest. To me, Kowar (sp?) is a much more interesting prospect and I am glad we will not have to face him–at least not for more than a few innings.

Also 'bout a camping trip, the wife, MLB draft, MLB game to be played in Omaha next year, bring the draft to Omaha, “by the way the way, that was a strike call”, etc, etc, etc.

I can remember when broadcasters actually called the game in progress!

Listening to local sports radio on my way to breakfast this morning, AFTER they talked about everyone else, one of the pundits asked if perhaps the favorite to win it all wasn’t now Arkansas. The other guy agreed.

They did also note that the local fans would likely be pulling for the Hogs since DVH is still highly thought of in Nebraska.

As I noted in another thread today, his BEST career performance against us (of 3 in as many seasons) was as a reliever his freshman season, pitching 1.1 innings and giving up 1 run for an ERA of 7.75; his worst, when we bombed him in last year’s SEC Tournament, produced an ERA of 72.0 (8 earned runs in just 1 inning). In between those two extremes, he pitched 7 innings and gave up 6 earned runs in his loss to us earlier this year, an ERA of 7.71.

All together, he’s pitched 9 and 1/3 innings against us and given up 15 earned runs, an ERA of 14.46.

Could be either motivation for him to have one of his better outings, or a reason for him not to be very confident.

One reason I think we’ve hit him so well is that he’s around the zone so much, we’ve been attaching him early on the expectation that we’re going to have good pitches to hit - and we have. Wonder if he’ll try to nibble some and try to take advantage of our aggressiveness by getting us to swing at some border-line pitches? Something to watch for.

we have indeed wore Singer out and he mentioned making changes I bet he throws a lot less FB tonight and a lot more CB trying to get us off balance if so we need to lay off them because most aren’t going to be strikes.

Last night the announcers said right at the end out 3 wass made.


We need to just TAKE this game away from them like taking candy from 12 year old brat!!

Yes. I don’t know which, if either, it causes. Might be neither but he could still have a great or bad outing. This is one reason to love/hate baseball. So much comes down to the guy on the mound vs. the batter in the box.

DVH is highly thought of in Nebraska according to one of my former HS teachers who has lived there for years. She graduated from the hill and is enjoying the games. She told me that her Nebraska friends are calling the Hogs.

She is giving Hog call lessons at the stadium. We can use all the help we can get.

Coach DVH has earned the respect that people show him. I do hope to see him smile when the CWSis over.
As for the blue and Singer I hope he last about 2/3 of an inning! The hogs just need to hit the ball. Singer will be around the plate. I’m praying we win tonight

Just heard the announcers of the game going on now praising Arkansas, DVH, the team, Baum and the indoor facility. And they did it for quite a while. Heaped on the positives. I think that will continue tonight. WPS!!

will Singer be less hittable since his injury? will need his brain more than his arm brawn and that might be a difference. The Molestor U vs Moo U crew were well aware of Singer history vs Omahawgs and how we are the offensive force of the postseason. I believe we need to finish it tonight…Baseball being baseball means to expect the unexpected. First break was seeing Perry C behind the plate this afternoon. Capitalize and move on. Dry dirt hopefully means good defense is possible, can we handle it?

Singer throws 2 seamer so long ball hard to make happen, can IC keep it in the yard? I don’t feel good about this one, Blaine needs not to pitch until finals for us to go all the way through.