Get Matt McMahon

And move along.

Good young coach, but unless he can bring the next Ja Morent with him, I don’t see that winning over Razorback fans.

Well if he brought a Ja to Murray St what can he recruit here?

Not happening. Arkansas fans would take up pitchforks and torches if he were hired.

Morant turned into a stud but he was unranked and unrated with Murray St being his only offer out of HS.


Guy has an eye for talent then.

One could only hope! LOL! He is a good young one. I think it is important to nail down a proven guy! ghg

How about we find the coach who recruited Scottie Pippen to UCA and hire him. After all, he’s listed as the greatest basketball player in Arkansas history, and nobody else offered him anything coming out of high school.

Heck, why not the guy at Lipscomb? If you can win there, surely you can here!

If we bomb on plans A-G, go with young and relateable and let him do his thing.


Nope. Assistant went to a camp, saw Morant playing a 3-on-3 game and said this kid can play, called McMahon and said we gotta get this guy. Assistant in question no longer works for Murray State.


Nope. Assistant went to a camp, saw Morant in a 3-on-3 game, called McMahon and said we have to get this guy. The assistant in question no longer works for Murray State.

I am beginning to get a feel for a Yuracheck’s short list. Goes sonething like this in descending order

Anyone but Mike Anderson

Established guys are not always the best choice. There are a lot of established terrible -average coaches. There are established good coaches that are at their ceiling.

I see Marshall as a ceilinged guy. I would rather go young head coach and turn him loose.

If this goes on long enough maybe we end up rehiring
Mike Anderson. Think he has a pretty good resume!

Pippen greatest Arkansan of all time!! What about Moncrief, Williamson, Thurman, Delph etc. etc.? Pippen was a good pro along side M Jordan, but his college career did not compare to any of the above.

That kid received a lot of offers, but he stuck with MSU because they were the first and stayed on him. His parents loved the coaching staff and wanted their son to honor his pledge. But, that kid had a number of offers

His only major offer was from South Carolina, his home state school. Other offers were Duquesene, South Carolina State, Maryland Eastern Shore and Wofford. I don’t know why he did not pick South Carolina, but other than that he picked the highest profile school from the rest of the list.

Going off his 247 recruiting profile, Murray St was his only one. … Interests/

My info is that his biggest offer was from the Chickens but he and his family elected to stick with Murray. It’s worked out well. Two years in Kentucky and then go make millions.