Get Leach

Only one left that is proven


Proven everywhere but the SECW.
At the time 5 years ago, CBB was proven.

Please. No. Please.

Being manhandled by WashU 34-0 in 3rd quarter.

They are 9-2, but that candy land he’s been playing in isn’t the SEC West.

No way.

Don’t want Leach. His overall record isn’t anything to write home about.

HELL no.

Have we learned nothing? This guy has had character issues everywhere he’s been. Have we not learned?

He’s as bad as Petrino!

I respect the job Leach has done, winning in some places where it traditionally isn’t easy to do. And I’ve actually enjoyed watching him–but I’ve enjoyed watching him as someone else’s coach. Just don’t think he’s the right fit here.
I read rumors that Tennessee was now kicking the tires on Leach. That’d certainly be an interesting marriage, but I have to believe the Vols are already pretty far down their list if they considering him.

Wow! You really seem to know his history. He’s been at Wash St, TX Tech, OK, KY, and Valdosta St among other places. I didn’t realize he’s had “character issues” at all these places. Could you give an example of a “character issue” at each place… since you seem to know?

PS - Would someone who spreads lies and negative exaggerations about others have “character issues”? Just curious.

Dear God. Please no. All you have to do is watch the games, especially today, to know that those great teams all play great defense, and must be able to run the ball. Leach does neither. He has no idea what defense is. that is just something put out there to let the other team score so he can throw 3 more passes.

I’m OK with Leach. I lived in the Pacific NW for years and followed him at TT and when he came to Washington State. From what he has had to work with he has done a very good job at Washington State. He has made something out of little or nothing to work with in the beginning. He knows how to build a team from the ground up…

Not much of a reason to pick a coach. Besides does he have all the Arkansas and Southern ties that seem to be required for our next coach?

  1. He can recruit Texas
  2. He runs an offense that is different - much like Okie state… Fun to watch
  3. He has worked at schools where that were in the dumps and made them contenders.
  4. Gives great and unusual interviews.

We need to be different … We will never get the great recruits that the powers get. We need to be different

Why is piggyback sold on Mike Leach so much. What has he done thats so great???

Just curious, Hogmaestro. Are you a supporter of the St Gus movement?

Mike Leachs career record is 122/80. That’s a .604 career winning percentage. That won’t cut it.

On top of that, he was accused of putting a Texas Tech player in a dark shed. … id=4781981

So our BOT big plan for major program upgrade is to hire a recycled guy run out of Lubbock?

State paper impressed with him because he’s saying War Memorial was loud. This guy would tell anyone what they want to hear to resurrect his career and get out of Pullman. … id=4781981

I’m not saying he’s my first choice but he had 10 straight winning seasons in Lubbock. That’s no smal feat. Neither is winning 9 at Wash St.

NOOOOOO to Leach