Get em Mike!

Was just watching the Paul Finebaum show and CMA called ole Dickey V out. Said, he came in the lockeroom before the game and called Kingsley, “Beasley” he didn’t even know his name or anything about him. And for him to get on TV and try to paint a picture of him being a bad kid over a hard foul out of frustration was unnecessary when he doesn’t even know the kid or anything about him.

Well said coach! Glad somebody called Dickey V out on that. I like listening to Vitale when he’s actually calling the games and giving insight, but his love affair with certain teams is really annoying. He was on ESPN all day yesterday ranting about how Syracuse was left out of the tournament.

Mike reminded me of Nolan. He is ready to fight that bear. :smiley:

I don’t always buy into the notion that announcers are biased against Arkansas, but just watching the Kentucky and Bama game it so obvious that DV went out of his way to pump up Kentucky. A Bama player would make a nice play and he would mention it but not with the same enthusiasm.

He did the same Sunday. Kingsley made a very nice spin move to the basket and it was like no big deal.

Dick is old and outdated. I say that wanting to be old and outdated one day.

There was no excuse for Dickie V to call Kingsley a mouse. So glad ESPN does not have the NCAA tournament so we don’t have to listen to DV.

What insight does he give? “Oh Oh Oh look at that! He is a PTP’er baby! He’s a high riser!” There was still a very good game going on when he wanted to debate Lunardi about a teams seeding before Tessatore reeled him in.

He adds nothing of substance. Doesn’t talk about a teams X and O, switching defenses or anything of that nature. Just 2 hours of fawning and cheerleading. It was somewhat tolerable 30 years ago, but now he might just be the worst sportscaster going for any sport.

With all that has been said, Wally’s little headline in the DemGaz sealed my not renewing my subscription to their statewide rag. However HawgsIllustrated here I come. :evil:

He did it so much that Tessitore had to redirect him in 2 different games that I was watching. He was basically going on and on about how nervous the TV ppl would be about UK losing and how a non UK final wouldn’t be as attractive for TV and Tess said something like “we’ve got a good game going on right here”.

Another time, Vitale was talking about some current non Duke player and he wasn’t talking about Jay Williams at a and he said, “Xx is a great player. I bet Jay Williams loved him. Jay Williams was a great player at Duke”.

I know media likes to discount claims of bias and I am sure a lot of the bias is at least subconscious butnof you watch the coverage, regardless of conference, it is almidh always very slanted toward a few blue bloods.

The national sports media members are king makers and king maintainers.

Well, he usually knows a lot of the coaches personally, so sometimes he gives insight on their thought process before the game, their philosophy, what some of the players told him things like that. With that said, he’s REALLY biased and all the criticism is warranted. I lost a little respect for him after what CMA said. That’s just completely disrespectful to go in the locker room and call the player the wrong name, then call Kingsley a mouse, and challenging his character, when you don’t know anything about him.

Which headline?

I’m not saying there’s not any bias, but with DV it’s so obvious you can’t hide it.

I remember when Nolan had it rolling, I thought some of the announcers went overboard on Arkansas at times. I think when a team is hot or has a strong tradition they’re probably going to get pumped up more than maybe they should.

This one.

Malik Monk no angel, but Arkansas overreacts

Wally is so bitter about being irrelevant. He shows it headline after headline. “hey look at me” “i’m a terrible writer and need to be seen” The sad part is this is the only reason we talk about him. No one will remember him after he passes. We won’t say a word. He only pops up and gets his name out there for saying stupid stuff. Sad, sad, sad. I would say I feel sorry for him, but like KY, he gets what he deserves.

Editors make the headlines.

FWIW, I think most would agree that Arkansas overreacted. You can’t justify bad actions because someone else acted a certain way.

One of his statements yesterday was he was really good friends with Calipari, Boheim, and Coach K. Think it was before the game, but you could tell his love affair with Cal.

If we did anything wrong it was that we didn’t do it sooner.

As for the comment that “editor’s make headlines”, I refuse to believe that Wally doesn’t set his or approve of those set. If he didn’t have any control in his current position, he would have been fired long ago. He picked that headline.

100% wrong on Wally making the headline. If you want to call me a lair go ahead but I know this for a fact. I don’t make my headlines either.

How can I get that job, I can think of a lot better headlines than some that show up on here

Comments: Dick V has been chastised before by Nolan, I’m sure the cheap shots he has taken at Mike is dated from the pass.

Liar? No. Just mistaken.

How about I ask it like this: Did Wally write the article? Does he own that content or the paper? Did he allow the paper to publish his work under that heading?