Get by Auburn and we may not lose again this year

I don’t like Gus and he has two weeks to prepare and I think he needs to beat us to keep out of hot seat.

They have not played the tough teams yet and he needs this win.

That scares me.

But if we bring our A game like against Ole Miss amd get by down there, I’m not sure we lose again this year.

We are not good enough not to show up but if we show up at auburn and our remaining games I’m not sure we lose again

Bucky Freeze had two weeks to prepare too. Didn’t help him much.

I have not watched Auburn play this year and I’m surprised they’re running the ball as well as the stats indicate. We’ve got to control that. Sean White can’t beat us if we do.

I’m not sure how you can say they haven’t played tough teams. The Tigers’ two losses are to Clemson and Texas A&M - both undefeated and top 6 in the polls.

I said last week I think we win out after the break and still do. With this being our 8th game in a row I just hope we don’t run out of gas down on the plains. Sat was the first time I’d seen us win in person in a while, sure was fun.

AU has a very good Dline that can cause us problems, because they are step behind A&M on Dline. The variable is that our Oline is much better now than it was when we played A&M.

Oct 22 at AU
Open Date
Nov 5 UF I am not that impressed with UF.
Nov 12 LSU I am scared of LSU as they continue to get better
Nov 19 at MSU Win
Nov 25 at Mizz Win

I think we have a tough time with AU. I think AU will play hard for Gussiah because of his emotions about Ark. They are going to use the same speed OM used against us to catch our defense in pre snap alignment. AU doesn’t have a Kelly, Hurts, or Knight. AU doesn’t have WR’s like OM, A&M, or Bama. AU doesn’t have an Oline like A&M, Bama, or OM. AU doesn’t have a defense like Bama or A&M, but they do have a very good Dline.

UF is not looking as good as the hype early in the season. Del Rio is not that good and their offense suffers. UF has a good defense but NOwhere near Bama’s which we scored 30 points on.

Orgeron is capable of hyping LSU into a good season in spite of weak QB play. Etling has been able to survive and grow into the offense slowly, so he is also gaining confidence. How many new tweaks of the offense can be installed before our game?

They get Bama the week before, and Florida the week after. They may be moping in the first half, and looking ahead in the second. AUB worries more than FL or LSU right now.

I agree…beat Auburn and their holier-than-though coach (he feels jilted by UoA, and can’t let it go), and we go 5-0 or 4-1 down the stretch. Just hope he doesn’t send a hit squad for AA. We won’t play a team from here on out with a QB as good as ours. WPS!!

We have had our fair share of injuries against AU. Nick Fairley’s cheap shots on Mallett and Wilson were allowed by the refs. Carl Lawson and Martavious Adams are their current cheap shot artists.

Their goon squad tried to take RWIII’s head off last year. You can’t tell me that Auburn doesn’t coach that stuff. It happens way too frequently against Saint Gus’ teams.

Hey Colorado I agree completely. I would love to beat them silly for so many reasons.

I know this is going to be a tough game. Always is. I also know that there are several Arkansas guys on that staff that think this is an important game. Hogs will get their best shot.

As far as what is left, Florida is talented, especially on defense. LSU is talented. Where they are when Hogs play them is anyone’s guess. Just hard to figure LSU right now.

When the linebacker delayed blitz right by Froholdte in the first series and he just waved at him as he went by, I would not have agreed with you. I did not see that again during the game and he really looked good pulling and blocking so I think you are right. The line is improving. I’m looking forward to him anticipating those blitzes into his gap and him pancaking those linebackers over and over until they quit doing that.

You are right I stand corrected thanks.

Still think if we can get by Auburn we can win out

Their back 7 is not as good as their stellar Dline so they give up 199 passing yards per game and 146 rushing per game. I think the AU Dline is big and their DE’s are big too, so they may be more of a good match for our Oline. Carl Lawson scares me from the DE pass rush. Their Dline is also good enough to help them have a good Red Zone ranking, so we need to see more Sprinkle behind the LB’s for TD’s.

Clay, I agree LSU is talented, but they get Bama, AR, FL, and aTm back to back. After Bama, they’ll be licking their wounds, and might be looking ahead to Florida. I think we catch them at the right time.

As for AUB, if I was CBB, I’d point out we are #17, they are #21 and we are 9 point dogs. We aren’t getting any respect.

Still not sure about FL, but I’m pretty sure the fans will be up for that game.