Gerry Bohanon

Saw that everyone on 247 is predicting Gerry is a Miss. St commit. Any particular reason for that

Probably Dak

Offense fits him better.
100 miles closer to home and Mom.

You know Jethro Bodeen told him he would be the next DAK…and he may be!!!

As of now, I would say Miss St. Anything can happen between now and Friday.

Comments: that’s a crying shame Ark coaches let this young man get away, this kid is a difference maker truly a quality signal caller. I said he would not come to Arkansas-Fayetteville if he thought he wasn’t completing for the starting QB position

Gosh, I sure hope the sun comes up tomorrow.

Especially in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I remember reading when he was offered by Mississippi State how enamored he was with Dak’s success. Dan Mullen has developed quite a reputation for developing quarterbacks.

More often than not, I don’t think it’s a question of coaches letting someone get away. These players have their own likes & dislikes and their own agendas. Too many factors the coaches can’t control.

Dak’s rookie season was a huge plus for MSU.

It would only be right to say “the coaches let someone get away” if they didn’t offer that person a scholarship. You can say Arkansas let the Missouri RB from LR get away because, if memory serves, he was not offered. But if the coaches offer, what else can they do? They can’t guarantee he’ll start for them. And if MSU is saying that, they are climbing out on a limb that circumstances may saw off. Dak’s NFL success, Mullen’s success with QBs, proximity and maybe this young man’s lack of interest in UA may be the difference. There’s not much the coaches can do about that.

Did I miss something? Has he committed to Miss Steak?

That’s where he appears headed unless something changes between now and Friday.

If I was a run/pass athletic QB, I might be leery of what CBB and Enos say about giving him a real chance to get the job.

Maybe they are wide open to it. Buy he can look around and see what type of QB Mississippi State has been playing the past few years.
Maybe Duwop Mitchell just didn’t have it. Or Rafe Peavey. But dual QB’s haven’t done a whole lot at Arkansas lately.

Personally, I’d love for someone like him to come to Fayetteville and have his play make it impossible to keep him off the field.

Noland’s junior tape indicates he can really move around and throw on the run. If I recall Hyatt has pretty good mobility, but not as impressive as Noland. Assuming Noland gets on campus the younger QBs are going to be plenty athletic. Plus we have the giant redshirt freshman Kelley who does not look like a guy you can arm tackle, and also has the big arm.

QB recruiting has not been one of our problems since BB arrived. It’s a solid group.

Response: I’m not sure if I understand the player’s agenda other than to play, an opportunity to compete for the starting QB position. Listen this young man is the real deal.

Well, players are more than just football players. Some like to be closer to home, some like to go farther away. Some might have met a girl on a recruiting trip or have a friend at the recruiting school. Some might like one school’s locale more than another’s. Some might have family connection to a school. Some might want to major in something one school is particularly strong in. Some might think because a player at his position did well in the pros after coming from one school, it means he will. Sometimes a kid is promised or provided illegal benefits. (Not saying that’s the case here.)

So, I might not understand a player’s agenda, either, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be related to competing for a starting spot. It might be partly that or wholly that, but doesn’t have to be. That’s true whether the player is the “real deal” or not. Point is, there are lots of reasons a kid might choose a particular school.

Fayetteville in the Fall.

This. I am not worried.