Gerry Bohanon..............

There are very, very, very few true freshmen - especially those who don’t go through spring practice - that are capable of being great - or even starting QBs - in the SEC.

It’s not an indictment of the Allens, Kelley, Story, etc.

It’s just how it is.

The jump from Friday night starter to Saturday night starter is a huge one.

Just wanting to do it isn’t really a factor that overcomes the learning process that everyone faces.

the quarterback whether he is senior or freshman that does the best in spring practice fall practice should be the one that starts the one that does the best for you is the one that you would want to play

I believe he will play for Dan Mullen. Either MSU or Florida,
or wherever Mullen is the head coach.

Might be, but seemingly not in the official visit list at this point.

It’s simple if any of those QB’s up there in that country club setting, were of any good they would have beaten the Allens out for the starting position years ago. Kelly is okay if you are content in remaining with the subpar teams in the bottom half of the conference they aren’t trying to compete for the SEC title

Country Club setting?

Please explain.

uh ok
none of that makes sense