Gerry Bohanon..............

pledge to Arkansas and you can be the starter next year. No reason to go elsewhere when you can be a legend in
your own state. We need you big fella! Sooie

Seriously? Kid’s playing in the smallest classification of Arkansas high schools. If you think he’s going to start at QB in the SEC as a true freshman, you’re seriously delusional. Jalen Hurts came to Bama out of the largest classification in Texas; his school probably has 15 times the students (and 20 times the competition) than Bohanon has seen.

I get the desire to have him come to Arkansas, but I doubt that whereever he goes he will start as a true freshman.

So your saying Cole Kelly would be beaten out in the fall?

Bohannon appears to have the physical tools. I think he could be a good QB but I would want him to RS to learn the advanced
DEF schemes he will need to read. Trust me when I say that Earle is not going to expose him to defenses that will prepare him to start as a Freshman. He has the tools but needs the right experience and teaching by Enos.

Comments: from my perspective you can’t do any worse with this 2018 freshman compared to our past and present QB pool under CBB tenure. Again the conference losses double their wins. There is something terrible wrong with that picture.

Whether he started as a true freshman or not, he needs to be on this team.

It’s pretty unrealistic for any true freshman to start, especially in the SEC.

However, you also never know how he will compete when he gets on this level of competition. Yes the defenses he will face are much better, but so are the playmakers around him.

I would love nothing more than for Cole, Connor, Hyatt, and Bohanon to Duke it out for that starting spot this off season, may the best man win!

to watch Bohanon and Bulldogs take on East Poinsett County.

Looking forward to it

Reply: Your perspective is way off base. Cole Kelley comes in to 2018 with invaluable experience as an SEC starter this year, including at least one win, and probably another one Saturday. No one else has anything comparable, including Ty Storey. Bohanon is an excellent athlete, to be sure, but whose best opposition as a QB to date has been against West Helena Central (and they lost). You don’t think we can do worse than we’ve done? We don’t HAVE to win any SEC games. Or any games at all. Pure athleticism at QB doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t read defenses, go through the progressions, etc.

Brad Taylor came from a small classification in Arkansas and i believe he started for Holtz and Hatfield at quarterback does not matter what classification if you are good enough and want it bad enough you can play

ty Storey came from charleston arkanasas BRAD TAYLOR FROM DANVILLE Small school cllasifications

I don’t think anybody is saying he can’t play at Arkansas. In fact, the only reason you recruit him at all is so he will play at Arkansas. But what they are trying to tell you that it is exceedingly difficult for anybody to start at QB in his freshman year in the SEC. Impossible? No. Improbable? Yes. Some special players can, but the vast majority won’t, especially if the competition they faced in high school is not at a very high level. Again, though, Arkansas is recruiting him to play whatever year that might be.

Exactly. If he’s as good an athlete as I have heard, he could play for us. Maybe start at QB eventually. But not starting QB as a true freshman. He could get on the field as a true freshman in some special packages (or at another position). But starting right away… no.

Ty’s really tearing it up at UA, too, isn’t he? That’s a bit mean on my part, but it illustrates the point. Class 3A did not prepare Storey to play in the SEC. He’s in his third season on campus, has played in three games and thrown four passes, completing one for 3 yards. I will not be surprised if he’s not around for spring practice next year.
Brad Taylor was 36 years ago. And he didn’t start right away either. It took him until his junior year to become the starter.

and you know this how?

Kelley is playing ok , not great but still he will be the starter.

The others are thought of very highly

If Lou Granny Holtz replaces CBB, installs the 81 Lou Granny Offense, and Cole Kelly gets hurt like Tom Jones did, then Bohannon could be starting for us at QB next year. Otherwise it ain’t a gonna happen Cap’n.

We haven’t seen much film on Mr. Bohannon, so it’s difficult for any of us to see his
abilities. We see Freshmen QB’s starting all over the country and some are excellent. But I agree, in most cases
a freshman would need to red shirt. If Alabama, LSU, and teams like Auburn are looking at and offering this kid
he must have something special. We need a dual threat QB in a desperate way. You saw Saturday what can
happen when you have a QB who will tuck the ball and pick up that 1st down.

Cole Kelly was, in many ways a breath of fresh air Saturday. Even though he didn’t take care of the ball very well during
the last few games.
We were lucky to win that game last week. I don’t know what high school classification he played in, but he is not
a smooth operator after two years on the Hill. He has improved after each game and I feel they will use this time
to get him as much experience as possible this year.

I also feel Austin and Cole Kelly will team up these next few games and will make us all proud. Can we get to a bowl? Sooie

Brad Taylor might not have started until his junior year he played his freshman year and a lot more his sophomore year do not know if the young man is good enough to start as a freshman or sophomore junior or senor does not matter if you play at a small school or large school if you are good enough and want bad enough you can play college football WAYNE Martin played for a small school Junction city played for Razorbacks and played pro football

Wow! Well one thing is for sure is your passion which appears to be misguided, I wonder what drives that, all that ranting suggests wishful thinking on your part. Bohanon can’t read defenses, (please) although both Austin’s and Kelly’s thrown intercepted passes should be ignored the contributing factors had nothing to do with miss reading or not properly reading the defense. I get it, Listen, Bohanan will not come here if he is offered an athletic scholarship as oppose to a scholarship to play QB, nor if he feels he won’t have a chance to compete for the starting position, he will ink elsewhere and we will be the loss for it.

I don’t see it as a small school thing. I see it as the guy starting right now is very likely to be the guy for the next two or three years, unless he gets hurt. He oozes potential, and has already flashed a real ability to both wing it and make something good out of nothing/something bad.

Sure you start the spring saying the job is open, but that is just being polite. In all the trouble and disappointment of this season, we’ve found our QB going forward. So the question becomes, does Gerry B. want to sit for two or three years and wait his turn?