Gerry Bohanon will

Make an unofficial visit to Louisville next weekend.

Pretty big game for Louisville next weekend. We’re looking at making the trip ourselves.

Surely his interest in Baylor is waning.

The Bears are 0-2 with losses to Liberty (48-45) and Texas-San Antonio (17-10).

Louisville - on the other hand - no doubt would look good with what Lamar Jackson is getting done…again.

That would stink if Bohannon went to Louisville.

Couldn’t blame the kid if he chose Louisville and an exceptional offensive mind, with a system that he fits, over UoA, who may be looking for a new coach in his first year there.

The flash of Lamar Jackson sure would have to be attractive to him. The system fits. I know the coaches apparently have said they would create packages for him if he comes, but he has no one to compare that to at Arkansas. Hope he calls the Hogs, but not counting on it.