Gerry Bohanon will officially visit Arkansas


It would obviously be big if Arkansas could close the deal on Gerry.

He has visited Louisville officially as well as LSU, Georgia and Ole Miss unofficially this season.

Is this something that is a legitimate possibility? The last few months it has just seemed like he’s headed elsewhere. Have the odds increased lately? Sure would like to keep his athleticism and talent in state.

Miss St. and Baylor seemed to have the momentum, but State got a commitment from Jalen Mayden and it appeared the Bears have the edge and their season isn’t going so well.

This young man has the opportunity to play for his home state and become hero if sucessful, can’t imagine him not being interested in the Hogs. From what I’ve read he’s dual threat QB and CBB ran a pro style offense which he didn’t think would be a good fit for him which is understandable. But after using Kelly in the steamboat package and some wildcat plays we may see CBB in a slow side away from the pro style and open things up a bit more. This could prove to be intriguing to Bohannan seeing this change, I sure hope it does for the sake of the Hogs and keeping a instate talent home. As always I want to see him and his family make the very best decision possible for him to have a sucessful future wherever that may be, of course we all want him to become a Razorback. Hope the visit goes well and wish him the very best. WPS

Just thinking out loud here, after reading this thread.

I can understand that a young man with GB’s talent and abilities would want to stay at QB, and play in a system that showcased his run/pass talents.

At the same time . . .

Virtually ALL of these kids coming to P5 schools believe they have the ability to play in the NFL one day. It is likely that young Mr. Bohanon is no different.

If that’s true . . . and he aspires to be an NFL QB . . . then he needs to remember that virtually ALL of the NFL teams run an offense much closer to what Arkansas runs that the offenses used at Baylor, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Texas Tech, etc. You can look at our stats for the last 3-4 years and see that we DO pass the ball. But we don’t pass it every down, we DO run downhill (or, attempt to!), and our QB’s DO take the snap from behind center most of the time. ALL of those things are valuable experience and learning tools for a successful NFL career.

I’m not “telling” him what to do - seems to be a smart kid from a good family, so I’m confident he will make a good choice . . . whatever it is. Simply pointing out some things that would seem (to me) to be obvious, but apparently aren’t to a lot of young QB recruits. We aren’t the only ones running a pro-type offense; that was always one of Petrino’s pluses. And then, there’s Stanford. But there are fewer and fewer of them each year.

Most good players in the state who really want to play for the UA would have already committed by now. Usually the in state recruits that come on board at the last minute are the fringe blue shirt, gray shirt candidates. This all adds up to me that Bohannon really doesn’t want to come here. It may come down to which college guarantees him a shot at QB.

Every school who has offered him now has him slotted at QB, including Arkansas.