Gerry Bohanon no longer (Sunday update)

Just focusing on the six schools, including Arkansas that he named in May. He’s now open to all schools, according to a tweet he posted about 45 minutes ago.

What do you make of that, Richard?

Maybe some new schools have entered the pic.

Good to hear that he is opening up to more than just schools with bad reputations!

I wrote this guy off a long time ago. Just don’t think he is interested in us.

Cant blame him,
Maybe the bidding war has begun.

Yep, who has the biggest briefcase?

could it be that Baylor was his number one choice but with the season they are having he is taking a harder look at other schools?

Gerry just told me his top schools are still his leaders but felt it was his best interest to allow other schools to recruit him too.

Really. You know this kid enough to drag his name in the dirt to say he is being bought??

You should be banned from the boards to do that crap!!!

I have only seen a little video of Gerry, so my question is whether he actually has a D-1 arm or was the initial view of him being an athlete destined for the secondary accurate? I know the Razorbacks would love to have him but is it realistic to expect him to compete for the QB position?

We all have our own opinions.

He has the arm.

Reply: from what I’ve seen as it relates to the appearance of a country club setting, this young man would start immediately, he will bring competition back to this position

Totally uncalled for.

There was a story last week about Enos recruiting like minded QB’s. Does a dual threat QB Bohannon for that ?