Gerry Bohannon...

it appears he is headed to Baylor. When is he scheduled to announce?

No clue.

Baylor would be beyond an interesting choice now when you could to Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU and the like

Who has reported that?

Out of respect for this site, I will not say the source of the info. I will just say there are a dozen “experts” who have said he is Baylor bound. This has all developed within the last month. He is scheduled to visit there this month. Appears he is intrigued by the early playing time factor.

I’ll be shocked if he gets that far away from his mom. Fayetteville is a stretch imo.

Why would he choose a school that his sister should be afraid to visit?

Question, not referring to this recruit in particular, but after years of appearing to prove true, I have come to believe that it is extremely difficult for a kid from a 2A, 3A, 4A school in Arkansas to be able to compete in the SEC. I assume it is the same in other states.

How do the coaches take a kid from a school with limited resources, poor facilities (comparatively) and below average competition and project that to the SEC?

If he decides not to be a Hog I’d like for him to play outside of the SEC

This is what I’ve said all along about GB…he’s a projection…a major one. He basically runs a single wing offense. He’s never read a coverage. He’s rarely, if ever, competed with a comparable athlete. He’s incredible as an athlete…but, how will he react to getting hit by bigger people…to getting run down…blitzed? No one knows. He’s too good of an athlete not to take a chance on though.

He is the type of athlete you recruit and see what develops.

That’s why he has so many offers.

I will not put it past him to be a great quarterback down the line.

Highly intelligent young man who Clint Stoerner loves and believes in.

But I don’t think there is hardly anybody capable of playing quarterback at a Power 5 school as a freshman and doing it well.

They all have a learning curve, some it just takes longer than the others

Rely: and I guess the Allens were an exception, please this young man is very special our loss

I may have missed something here, but I think GoNavy was just asking a simple question about how a smaller-school QB can project to be a starter in the SEC. The Allens did not play in small schools. They played in the highest classification Arkansas has, and neither was ready to play SEC football as freshmen. So I don’t get that comment. I do agree with you that if Gerry goes to Baylor, it will be a loss for Arkansas.

Reply: actually it took much longer than a season for the older Allen to just compete. Concerning the younger Allen we’ll see how it plays out in his last year. To my point as it relates to the skill positions in football you better have other assessment tools to evaluate your talent pool other than this kid played in a larger classification, especially as it relates to the QB position.

  1. Question can he execute under pressure ?

We talk about 247 all the time in here


Arkansas, Baylor, Louisville and Ole Miss.

Has visited Arkansas, just went to camp at Ole Miss (90 minutes from his home), visiting Louisville next and Baylor before the month ends.

Appears Mississippi State is no longer in the running.

I would think if the family was looking at this realistically it would be down to Ark. and Louisville. Baylor will probably have the hammer dropped on them at some point and/or their overall recruiting is going to suffer and Ole Miss is definitely about to be kneecapped. why go to either one of those places and play on struggling teams?

It’s just out of respect for Clay, Dudley, etc. and the hard work they do to not name other pay sites, going back to the Hawgs Illustrated days. Yes, information is shared and discussed that we may get from other sites but I guess I’m just old school and see the conflict of interest calling “other sites” by name.