Gerry Bohannon

Does it still look like Baylor for Gerry?

I said my gut tells me Baylor. I find it hard to believe Arkansas can overcome the months advantage Baylor has of building a relaltionship vs. a few days for Coach Morris and his staff. That’s very tough. If they do overcome it, then they obviously deserve huge credit.

It’s unfathomable to me that a local kid with his skill set and a chance to play early at home for the guy who helped make Dashaun Watson would want to go live in Waco for a 1-win team that has been embroiled in controversy. So odd.

Agree with you Notorious, it’s Baylor…, and there is controversy around their program, plus they suck.

My understanding is they have one QB on the roster. That will get a QB’s attention.

And how many legit options do we have to run this system?

Here’s the starting SMU QB … /ben-hicks.

You don’t need a Deshaun Watson to run the offense. It would awesome to have but there’s very few of them.

If he comes, great. If not, we have three other candidates we are considering at QB. We will be fine at this position. If he can’t figure out that Arkansas is a much better option for him than Baylor, then I would question his judgement anyway. This is not a do or die situation for Arkansas.

Didn’t say we need a Watson. Asked how many legit options we have to run the system.

How many do we have?

It’s pretty simple. He’d be gifted the starting spot at Baylor. I wouldn’t doubt when they sent the whole coaching staff to see him they promised him he’d start from Day 1. They are in desperate need of talent. Also, all those people attached to the scandal are gone. The program is really bad right now, but I’m sure they’ve pitched that he’d be a legend there like RG3 if he turned it around.

At Arkansas, he’s going to have to compete against Cole Kelly, Ty Storey, and Connor Noland. It would be unlikely he’d start here right away (At QB at least). And let’s be honest, Morris may be different, but at Arkansas we have a history of either not playing them much or changing the position of a dual-threat QB. Who’s the last dual threat QB at Arkansas that actually lasted as a QB? Matt Jones? Didn’t work out for Peavy, Duwop, Mitchell, or Robert Johnson. I believe those were the last 4 that were highly rated dual threat QBs that came to Arkansas. If I was Baylor I’d stress that to him.

What on Earth do our past QBs have to do with that we are about to do?

We are about to be one of the premier spots for dual threat QBs. A 20 second Google search about Morris’ offenses shows that.


I’d like to have him, but I don’t think he’s a can’t-miss or a four-year starter (maybe at Baylor he is, but not here). There are other fish in the pond. I think every scholarship QB we have or will have played in a spread system in high school.

From what I’ve read, he’s a great kid. I wish him the best wherever he goes.

Staff would like him for sure but as noted they are late to the party on recruiting him from relationship perspective. To that end it appears they have their sights on highly rated Qb in Texas as the backup plan .

My question is since Arkansas wants both Jones and Bohannon. Just between these two who is better Qb. Big kid from small school in Arkansas or small kid from big school in Texas. I think there is value in both but SEC is not easy for freshmen to start as a rule. Neither of these should be expected to be starter as a freshmen. Might be easier at Baylor but result likely the same.

I like your swagger Bob. I also agree completely. GB is a talented athlete, but we’ve got 3 or 4 guys right now who are better options for us to run this Offense next year. If he wants to take his lumps playing for a bad team and a disgraced program while living in a crummy town, so be it.

Just curious about this love affair with Bohannon when there is a QB in your back yard that may be just as good. Will Amos Afton, Okla. Season totals 61 touchdowns, 3,247 yards rushing, 1,187 yards passing. Also is an outstanding cornerback.

That’s your judgement. It might be his thinking and may not.

That’s like saying what does Baylor’s past have to do with them right now. Or what does Deshaun Watson have to do with Arkansas. Or what does Morris’ history as an offensive coordinator or high school football coach in Texas have to do with anything. You can’t select which past you choose to look at, You’re looking at it from the view of an Arkansas fan, and not wanting to see the other side of it. You have to look at it through the eyes of a 17 year kid. Being an Arkansas kid I’m sure he’s noticed we haven’t really had true dual threat QBs. Baylor had one win the Heisman a few years back. You seriously think Baylor hasn’t been making that hard pitch? Obviously it has Bohannan’s attention that’s why they are one of his finalist.

Also, you’re acting like Morris is a household name and he’s Nick Saban, how could any kid turn him down. I’m pretty knowledgeable on most teams and coaches. And I heard of Morris, but it’s not like he was a household name and I knew his complete resume, from what I’ve seen most fans have had to lookup his accomplishments. So, I’m sure there’s been some learning on Bohannan’s end as well, and 2 weeks of knowing about him might not be enough at this point.

He’s a talent but he’s a crapshoot as a qb. Played AA and has never been asked to do anything very complex. Can he? Time will tell. There are some (many?) who think he’s a better prospect as an outside backer or tight end. He played in a lesser league than Storey and is way less polished while being way more talented. 4 yrs ago we HAD to have Storey. Recently from AA we HAD to have Jamario Bell and Jordan Jones. Small school guys rarely make immediate impact; a lot of times they don’t make any impact ever.