Gerald Nesbitt

I noticed in today’s Demozette obituary section that Gerald Nesbitt, a Razorback running back in the mid-50’s, has died. He played Canadian football after college.

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One of my first heros. He was very tough. Seems like he quick kicked as well, but could be confused with another. I was very young.


In Jr. High we practiced quick kicks almost every practice. In 64 it was still a thing. I never executed one in a game.

Nesbitt was a senior when my dad was a Shoat. The players from that era are dwindling fast.

I went to dinner with Gerald and his wife in Little Rock a couple of times I think in 2019. Still have a picture with him and me from one of those outings in my computer but since I got my new laptop with an upgrade to windows 11 I have not figured out how to copy paste stuff. It was easy with my old computer and Windows 7.:flushed: I downloaded the pic and its ID number is img_0173 but I can’t get it to post here

Played golf with him at old Riverdale when I was in high school. We walked and carried our bag. He plucked me off practice green. He had a tee time and asked me to join him. He just introduced himself as Gerald. I found out later he was an Ex-Hog. Pretty cool. I could not get a time on my own. Only got to play on a Saturday if someone asked me. He knew that. Made it extra cool.


Finally got my copy paste to work…I think. This is my pic of Gerald and me 2018

WELL MAYBE NOT :roll_eyes:

Looks like the jpg at the end of the photo address cut off.


The actual image showed up for a few seconds and then converted to the alphabet soup. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: