Gerald and Kelly

I assume these are the next two that we need to get into the fold and maybe they are still waiting on NFL feedback? There’s PT for both. There are other seniors still out there I’d love to have, but anchoring the DL with some veterans would be a nice start for everyone, including the other players.


Agreed need these guys back and hopefully they can stay healthy.

Gerald has not played much since he put on a Razorback uniform. He has been injured a bunch.

I’m told that Gerald is coming back. He has not announced it, but it’s expected.

I wouldn’t expect any kind of grade on Gerald and I think him coming back would be the best thing for him unless he wanted to get started in the workforce if he is tired of the grind of football.

Kelly didn’t help much this year from what I saw. Glad Gerald is back but he is injury prone. He hasn’t come close to a full season. Yes he can help but for how long? I guess having bodies is good but I would rather have Coates back. He’s a player. Don’t have a clue on his situation.

Morgan, Warren, Kern and Cunningham really help.

When you say help, I’m not sure what you mean. If you mean he didn’t get any sacks, OK, but did he handle his man so Morgan could get the tackle? If what you want is pass rusher, I’ll give you that he didn’t do well in that category, but when you say he didn’t help, I just disagree. We could use him, until there’s someone better to replace him. But you don’t not use unless he’s hurting you and you have another option.

I didn’t see him play a lot. Came in to give Marshall a breather. Just read elsewhere where he’s not coming back so no need to debate differences

Kelly was rarely in the rotation. Didn’t get a ton of reps. I believe he declared for the NFL today.

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