Georgia WOW!

This season it’s starting to look like GA #1, then a big gap to the rest. How does a National Championship team lose 8 starters on defense to the NFL, then look even better on defense this season? Add in that the offense also looks better this season, and you may be looking at a generational team.

After posting that, it is, however, early in the season.

A friend of mine is a UGA fan. I told him that it looks like a UGA vs Ohio St. championship game kinda’ year, with GA coming out on top.

Bama does not look like the 2nd best team to me. I think Ohio St. looks better thus far, but there are plenty of games left.

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I also have a friend who is a Dawg fan. So far, they are making it look easy. Bama could have 2 losses and they would still beat Ohio St. OVERRATED as usual.

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Georgia is stocking up on athletes like Alabama has done, and Smart might be a more intense version of Saban. The only thing that will slow that train down is if Smart goes to the NFL.

Smart, a Georgia legacy, now has a great job for life. I can’t imagine him leaving.

I live less than a quarter mile from the Georgia state line. I have a ton of Dawg friends. They ( obviously) love Kirby but they love Sam too. Every one of them.

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