Georgia vs. Arkansas SEC tourney game 7


Game still going to start at 4:30?

What do the gold letters mean for one player on each team? I can see singling out the pitcher, but why the UGA CF?

Goodheart leading off , hopefully it will get him going and get an early lead, really need Lockhart to be sharp and give at least 5

It shows who is at bat and the pitcher he is facing. It is built into the scoring app.

okay. Thanks.

Looks like 4:37.

After 1

Think we got away with one there. Very, very close

Was that Bolden with something on his face looks like maybe a broke nose or something

Maybe he was at Yancey’s as well?

I thought it bounced within his glove and never touched the ground

And I didn’t realize they initially called it an out.

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Good job Smith!!let’s get these other 2 runners in

Second base ump called it a catch.

We got that lefty out of there rather quickly.

I didn’t either. I was wondering why Slavens didn’t go to first with it. Now I know why.

Wow big Field helped us there… we will take it, hit the ball guys!