Georgia treating the Florida game as a home game

For recruiting purposes.

Based on this, I see no reason we couldn’t do that at JerryWorld when we’re the home team. Unofficial visits, I’m sure, but we could sure get some DFW recruits in the building.

You would think, huh Swine? But mark my words - the Hogs will somehow be subjected to a different set of rules regarding this!

We already do that for our game with A&M at Jerry World. We get tickets to give to recruits when we’re the home team.


Are you sure about that?

I’m pretty sure we do this

This happened 5 years ago, and Bush did exactly what he should have done. Why in the world would we give a TX A&M commit a comped ticket to the game when we were the designated home team. You have to know that A&M put him up to this. There’s no chance in heck that A&M would give an Arkansas commit a comped ticket to the game when they were the designated home team.

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Yes. 100% positive.

Same situation as Arkansas and A&M based what I was told yesterday. Hone team can give out tickets but coaches can’t have contact.

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That’s the way I’ve always understood it. Home team only tickets & no coach contact. Which means no official visits either, I guess makes sense since recruits aren’t gonna travel from college station to Fayetteville after the game to take a tour.

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