Georgia thwacking LSU

What is going on? The Bullpups look like a good team.

LSU has some defensive issues, and Jawja is apparently exposing those weaknesses.

Tightening up. UGA needs to tie up the loose ends.

It’s over. Georgia bear LSU. That helped our hogs. Now we just need to see our hogs play together and make some shots. Beat Bama and don’t worry about anything else.

LSU has issues on defensive end of court. Arkansas will get any shot it wants on offense this Saturday against them.

I love the sound of Bayou Bengals being thwacked. I hope we hear it again on Saturday along with a good amount of Will Wade wailing.

Will Wade and his crying will come to an end when LSU fires him and don’t owe him a dime! He is a poster boy for the gangster culture in coaching!
His players that he bought and paid for haven’t lived up to their expectations.
CEM will have a game plan to defend them. Maybe our hogs can slap the tigers on the chin and send them home all crying.

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