Georgia-Tennessee game

I was really surprised Georgia dominated this game. This is why I don’t bet on sports. I thought, like the pundits, Tennessee just had too much offense for Georgia. But Georgia just beat the dog out of Tennessee, poor Smokey.

It went like I thought it would. Georgia is the best team again this year, in my opinion, and Sanford is a hard place for visiting teams to win. Seth Emerson, who covers UGA for The Athletic and covered the team for the local newspaper for several years before that, said he had never heard the stadium as loud as it was yesterday. That’s saying something.

I said on our podcast the other day that Georgia had won by 41, 26, 29, 23 and 24 over Tennessee the previous five years, and I thought Tennessee had made up some ground on Georgia, but not that much.

Tennessee still has a great chance at the playoff as an 11-win team. It finishes the season with games against Missouri, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Maybe there will be a rematch.

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I wasn’t. A few weeks ago, the talking heads were rating KJ above Hooker. KJ isn’t a “great QB.” After TN beat Bama (remember it was at Rocky Top, home stadium is usually good for seven points, and TN won by 3), people started hyping them up. Bama isn’t as good as they have been in the past.

Meanwhile, GA’s Defense was actually playing better than they did last year, and it was barely mentioned. Then people started saying the TN offense was unstoppable. GA’s D is legit for a reason. Yesterday, we saw how overrated TN really is. Bama lost again to LSU, who three weeks ago everyone on here said absolutely sucked, and GA’s D made a statement.

You guys have to quit listening to the pundits and watch the games. GA will be back to back NC. tOSU isn’t as good as people think either. Don’t know if Meeechigan knock them off, but GA will

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Check out Tenn entire schedule. Their non conference is weak (except Pitt). And like Matt says their final 3 are not tough. Smart on their part.

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When will the Hogs wake up on scheduling? I get it, the schedule is made years out but we must be the unluckiest team in college history for picking future games. You can’t play in the SEC West and struggle with a non-conference schedule.

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This year’s non-conference schedule was total luck of the draw. All four teams improved greatly over when those games were scheduled three to six years ago.

Arkansas’ non-conference schedule looks much easier the next two years and includes the SEC-favored habit of playing a non-conference game the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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Luck and Arkansas in the same sentence is typically unlucky. Good to hear about the next couple of years.

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You never know on non-conference schedules. I can recall when the Southern Cal games were scheduled a few years ago. They were horrible and in rolls Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian with Reggie Bush, Matt Lineart and a few other studs. Reggie Herring and I talked about that one time. Just bad timing.

Georgia is really talented. We’ve known that. I believe I read somewhere (or was told by my brother) that Saban would have actually preferred Georgia over Alabama as a destination when he left Miami but Mark Richt wasn’t leaving. He said there was more talent within 100 miles of Athens than any other place in the SEC. He’s probably right.

Jalen Carter is a stud. He may be drafted ahead of Will Anderson (because he may go for less money) and I didn’t think that was remotely possible before the season. But he’s at least on the same level as Anderson.

Carter wasn’t talked about that much last year, but I watched him in an earlier game and was stunned at how he’s progressed. They have lost Nolan Smith and it didn’t matter.

They interviewed Kirby Smart after the game yesterday and he was proud to announce that they didn’t take one player from the transfer portal last year. I guess they didn’t see anyone who they thought would beat someone out on their starting units.

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