Georgia/Tennessee game

Live in Tennessee, don’t like the Vols, their fans are only slightly less arrogant than Ole Miss, but I hope that Coach B takes the end of this game to show his kids. If Geogia had waited to celebrate after the game, they would probably still be celebrating. The extra yardage on the kickoff (along with the added five yards for being off sides) was the difference in getting a pass into the end zone for a receiver to grab.
A celebration penalty in the last 15 seconds seems a bit picky, but the rules are the rules. Overall I thought the officiating was pretty mediocre, allowing Dobb’s touchdown at end of first half when it seemed pretty clear he was the wrong side of the pylon and not reviewing the incomplted pass in the second half was wrong. Not sure either of these impacted the game, but why have review/replay process and slow down the game, if you are not going to do it right?

Because it keeps TN ranked in the top 10.