Georgia-Tennessee game is ugly

Bad shooting, a ton of turnovers, and UGA’s Maten looks like he hasn’t played in a month (which he hasn’t). It’s funny how that happens in postseason play. Maybe it’s the neutral court or the change in routines, but teams come out and look like they’ve never played together. Hopefully we’re a little more cohesive than that tomorrow night.

Yes it is ugly.
The OKST vs Iowa St game is good

Ugly is generous

Matten doesn’t look like he’s moving well at all. JJ is having a tough day

JJ did just enough to win and EOE absolutely botched that last possession playing to win or tie. Georgia still has faint Dance hopes, which will depend on beating Kentucky tomorrow, I think.

7-4 after 11 minutes, all the way up to 23-20 at half. Could build a large house with the bricks being hurled around this one.