Georgia @ Tenn

The Vols win game 1 of that their series
2-0. Great pitching to close the game out!
They are playing pretty good!

UGA pitches a five hitter and lost

Tenn now has their ace for tomorrow

Five SEC teams now with four losses, including us. Georgia still has a half game lead temporarily. Somehow steal this series like we stole the Auburn series and things open up for a league title. We haven’t won one of those in a while.

Just win tomorrow night and take it 1 game at a time. It would be nice to win the league title. I hope Tenn wins tomoorw as well.
The hogs remaining conference series aren’t easy!
@ Vandy. 2
vs Miss St. 17
vs Tenn. 15
@. Kentucky 49
vs LSU. 9
@ Texas A&M. 14
Those RPI came from this morning.
It the hogs can win the series at home and win at least 1 game at Vandy and at least win game at Texas A&M the win the series at Kentucky I’d be pretty satisfied. That would be 18 win in conference. That’s the number I think it will take to win the west. I’m not sure that will beat Georgia. The main thing is winning enough to host in the post season! I’m hoping the hogs get to host a super regional.

I’m happy, but will be much happier when we win the first game.

Georgia has the lead and they’ve already won their series with Vandy but they still have to go to Stankvomit and Auburn after this series at Knoxville.

Our schedule is a lot tougher than Georgia.
Just being in the east makes it easier.

Remaining series after this weekend:
We both play Moo U. We get them at home, they go to Stankvomit.
We get Tennessee at home, they get Misery
We go to Kentucky, they have Florida
LSU at home, they go to Auburn
At A&M, they get Bama at home

I think that’s pretty even. They have three crossover series left, we only have two.

Gotta get it done regardless. And Tennessee can help us out by winning this weekend series, preferably while we take at least two at Nashville.

We really need to take 2 in Nashville. Not an easy task. While it helps us in the standings if UT beats UGA, I hope it doesn’t mean UT is suddenly coming on strong. I’d like to see a 2-1 UT series win.