Georgia Tech wins at UNC

Realize Heels decimated by injuries but they could get it going later in the year.

By the time Anthony comes back and UNC gets it together it might be too late to make the tournament. They’re not even the highest ranked school in the UNC system in NET; UNC-Greensboro is. Outside the top 80 this morning, losing at home to Tech won’t help.

I hope the Blue Blood Heels Miss the dance and actually I could care less if they ever win another game in any sport!

Thanks for making me laugh!

Anytime! I just hate UNC with a passion. Almost as much as I hate a Texas.

I am with you on Texas!

Couldn’t care less, army. Hate to correct you but I’ve see it too many times. You couldn’t care less. Stop saying you could care less. Think about it.

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