Georgia Tech whipped Nebraska tonight by 17

In the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. Game in Atlanta. That victory last week may wind up as a significant win in the committee room in March.

We also moved up two spots tonight on Warren Nolan RPI without playing. I figure that has something to do with Georgia Tech’s win

Man, Nebraska has had a really rough start to the Fred Hoiberg era.

Their trip to Atlanta was their first real road game; others were at neutral venues. Their next three games are at Creighton and Indy, and then a home stint against Purdue (who destroyed Va last eve.).

Devoe has had 26 and 27 in the two games since we held him to 12. Still playing without Alvarado.

Right. I’m just saying home losses to UC Riverside and Southern Utah to open the season, and an OT home win over Southern probably have a lot of fans scratching their heads. I really liked watching Hoiberg’s teams at Iowa State, especially players like DeAndre Kane and Monte Morris. This is looking like a real challenge for him at Nebraska.

Looks like we really could’ve used Haanif Cheatham, the grad transfer that chose Nebraska over us.

Nebraska…weak. :upside_down_face:

Nebraska is #184 in current RPI and #146 in Pomeroy. Not very good but not the worst in the Big Ten either.

Pomeroy say 3 conference wins…next to worse? :sunglasses:

Possibly. Nolan says one conference win, tied with Northwestern, which has returned to its rightful place at the bottom of the BT food chain. I think season predictions on Dec. 5 are pretty darn useless, though. I’m reminded of Pel’s team that was 12-1 when conference play started and then completely tanked. As much as I wish Nolan’s prediction that we win the SEC regular season was correct, it isn’t.

No doubt on Dec 5 predictions, always some surprises.
I think we’re in the top half, but yeah I’d be shocked if we finish 1.
er, well pleasantly surprised :sunglasses: