Georgia Tech grad transfer

Is the grad transfer from Georgia Tech on campus ?

Yes. He reported awhile back.

Thanks RD


Love hearing this!!

My nephew had a college decision to make, Arkansas or Georgia Tech for an undergrad engineering degree. Despite both parents being U of A grads, and his Dad being a Razorback Club member, close call, but he picked Georgia Tech. Could have been worse, could have picked that in-state University of Texas tuition, but he wanted his Dad to speak to him again. It all worked out, he has a great engineering job. But good news, neither he nor his parents ever rooted for Georgia Tech, he has no interest in sports whatsoever and a body that would break in two if he even looked at a football, so no harm done (sports wise).

GT is a great engineering school. I have quite a few friends that graduated from Tech. A degree from there opens doors.

I remember 50 years ago when JFB was still coaching, Orville writing about how Tech grads got rich in the economic booms of the 50s and 60s and tried to lure him back to coach the Jackets, but Frank never wanted to leave NWA.

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GT Bachelors & UA Masters both in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structures here (hence the screenname). Nice posts everyone. I am hoping Domineck can help the Hogs.

I have lived in Little Rock for 30 years now, so I am ALL Hog, with some residual GT affinity. My practice focuses on building frame and foundation design, but I also do some forensic structural engineering (inspection and determining the cause of structural issues).

If any of you have kids or grandkids thinking about engineering… please encourage them all you can! So many students shy away from the math and science, so there is always a shortage of engineers.

My daughter’s Jr. year at UL Lafayette, Chem. E with minor in Biomedical E. They have a very good College of Engineering. BTW, her boyfriend is Civil E. Structures

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I think I’m as a big a hog fan as anyone, but if I would’ve been accepted by GT I would’ve gone there. I’ve done pretty well with an Ark engineering degree though.

From my experience at both schools, it’s the reputation, academic competition, and research funding that puts GT near the top. The engineering education and teaching of the professors are comparable at UA.

FYI, I went to UA my freshman year because GT “laughed” at my SAT score. But after 1 year at UA, they let me transfer in. But then Arkansas lured me back for Grad School.

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