Georgia’s Wheeler to Kentucky

Nice pickup for UK

Yep, for sure.

I am quite surprised Cal landed Wheeler since they just signed TyTy Washington.

I still wouldn’t trade our backcourt for theirs.

I don’t think anyone wants to do that,

Well ga is a mess, so I don’t blame him leaving, but yeah head scratcher, he does have experience to give.

Does Georgia have any starters coming back? Hard to imagine them improving any next year.

why is georgia such a mess?

9 players have entered the portal.

yes, I would say in the world of cause and effect, that’s the effect. Mess implies (to me) there’s a cause. What is the cause?

I’m not sure, my guess is coaching staff and playing time.

Jeff Goodman has moved up in the world. Recruits are announcing their commitments live on his website. How did this happen?

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