Georgia Recruiting

Looks to have a stellar class coming in. Just saw where Pittman pulled a five star OL out of New York to the bulldogs over Bama and Michigan. I got to give the man props because he can sure recruit with the best.

Georgia has always recruited well. Just not well enough to win championships since 2005.

Georgia should be in the top 5 every year in the recruiting rankings. They check every box except for winning recent titles… which is one of college football’s biggest mysteries.

I thought that was the case, too, and kudos to him for landing that 5-star.

But as we look back, there were a lot more misses than hits during his time here.

Not being an insider and having no real information, just opinion, but it seems that Sam has turned the motor back on and showing what he can do. If he really did shut it down at Arkansas, that says something about him that is really disappointing. One observation that I have about Pittman’s recruiting successes, other than what mentioned above, is the fact that Sam has recruited at a higher level at other places, Georgia, Tennessee and possibly even North Carolina a bit of evidence that recruiting to Arkansas is more difficult? I know he had some wins here, but not to the star power at other spots.

Looks like the same can be said for much of our staff. Lots of misses the past few years.

It is why I prefer to look, when I can, objectively rather than on previous reputation.

Not really. You can’t support that statement with facts. The hit rate of Arkansas’s recent recruiting has been better than Petrino’s and Nutt’s records, by a substantial margin. Not taking chances on academic marginals makes a big difference. Not filling out classes with throw-ins, same.

This team was hampered most by the failings of others’ recruiting. You can pick on how quickly these coaches recognized the problems at specific positions. But the overall hit rate has been quite good. It’s wrong to cast a pervasively negative pall over everything you see.

Prove it.

Already have. You just have to read the right places. All the data have been posted on message boards within the past few months. It’s not hard to get. You just have to try, which you did not.

A simple link to your posts would suffice. Sorry I don’t read everything you post.


You have shown your not a big fan of this staff over and over. It has been on here numerous times the class ranking of the classes all the way back to 1996. Its a little different recruiting now than in the past. Saban, TAM in our conference both have been tough to deal with and CBP really could have cared less about recruiting.

Maybe u try to listen with a little open mind instead of just spouting off things like " prove it and u dont read all the posts"
Sure looks like u do most and u always comment on anything about CBB recruiting

I think this staff is fine when it comes to Xs and Os. I’ll be less than impressed if there isn’t shake ups on the defensive side of the ball, but all in all I think the coaching staff is fine.

What I don’t buy is that this staff is a bunch of elite recruiters. I think results on the field and results in the rankings have shown that there isn’t much, if any, difference between this head coach and the previous two.

I like everyone on the staff, fine coaches. Elite recruiters dream on. We sign a few kids each year that the elite teams want. But most, not all mind you, but most we are recruiting against teams just like us. 6 to 9 win teams that are in the good but not elite category. Smith is by far our best recruiter, lunney is better than average. Disappointed in new offensive line coach. We need 4 or 5 and can only find 3. Defensively I wouldn’t rank any coach higher than average. Y’all talk about facts, prove it etc well the record speaks for itself. When you get beat 56 to 3 and then lose to worst team in league you not only doing sub par coaching, but sub par recruiting also. All the facts I need to know. Defensively we need an elite recruiter period. We have no one of that catagory on that side of the ball.

Just about every time a coach leaves our program it seems as if they all have some type of dirt on them that we never hear about when they’re here.

Good post, so many will sugarcoat and make excuses when like you said the record speaks for itself.

Recruiting rankings for coaches per 247
top 50 in the SEC Also please note that John Chavis is rated # 54 and Rory S is rated # 56
Dave Aranda is rated #68

Fla has 6
GA -6
AU -5
ARK -3


Since you’re requesting “facts”, I’d like to request the same from you. Tell me more about this “hit rate”. I’ve seen no hard data on it and, from my observation, seems to be about the same it’s been for years, regardless of coach. At the least, there is not a “substantial margin” between this staff and previous ones. I look forward to the numbers you will most certainly provide. Thanks in advance.

What’s your definition of “substantial”?

Not saying my comments above were deserving of a reply, but they did raise a point that may be forgotten in this dialogue about the recruiting prowess of this staff. I pointed out the appearance of different star status in Pittman’s Arkansas recruits and some of his other stops. Lack of effort may explain some results, but surely not all.

In summary, guess I was raising the point that being an “elite” recruiter may look different at different schools. Not trying to play poor Arkansas, but after following Razorback recruiting for probably forty years, it not only appears we have to work harder than many of our peers, just to try and keep up. In addition, I wonder if it may be a little harder now, because the regional kids we might have previously had a better “in” with because of proximity, now seem to be more open to diverse schools with travel not the limiter it was years ago. I know the travel deal cuts both ways and it is evidenced by the number of Florida kids on our team now versus years ago.

Anyway, I think it is easy to jump to conclusions, especially when considering only partial information. Just because I think there would be no better play for an athletic career than Fayetteville, does not mean that is how the elite athletes see it. I think we often see that following a visit, the recruits comment on their surprise in what they found on their visit. This would indicate to me that their pre visit perception was not exceptional in many cases. Would these be similar perceptions of Alsbama, LSU, Texas A&M etc?

Hoping to goodness he doesn’t take the bait. You likely have seen the data, or have at least had the opportunity to read and didn’t (given the websites you infest). The facts expose the horrific recruiting habits of Nutt and Petrino. Shallow classes across the board. The lone exception, maybe, was Petrino’s first when he inherited all those in-staters (and, in fairness, lured them into the fold in a few cases).

One small example: CBB has had ONE signing day academic casualty (Jevon Pruitt, the OT from TX). Some disciplinary actions once they hit campus but only one HS recruit who fails to qualify academically.