Georgia QB

It’s beginning to look like D’Wan Mathis will be the starter for the Arkansas game.

Regardless of who it is, it will be a challenge. Our defense can resemble the walking dead and still outperform what we saw the past 2 years, so they have to show up big

All the more reason to get Rick, Daryl, Merle, the Governor, Negan, Alpha and Beta out there. They could kick serious tail.

Don’t forget Carol. :wink:

Well anybody they have probably will be able to execute the game plan…I expect them to try to play phone booth football and see if our front 6 can hang in against that big physical OL .They will try to pound us into submission and try to bomb us when we put 8 in the box.

I’m interested to see how much Georgia throws the ball. As a coordinator, Todd Monken has historically called around 40 pass plays per game. I’m guessing that is reigned in a little, but by how much?

Kind of interesting, I looked at 247 Sports to get info on D’wan
Mathis and they said the QB he most resembles is…Feleipe Franks.

I’m sure they see our LBers and plan to just run the ball and put us away like that. Very vanilla.

Let’s hope so.

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