Georgia pitching plans

Due to the short week, Georgia plans to start right-hander Kolten Smith tomorrow vs. Arkansas, Bulldogs coach Scott Stricklin said on the team’s post-game radio show last night. Smith is a freshman who has a 4.80 ERA and 1.40 WHIP in 15 innings.

Lefty Liam Sullivan is likely to start the Saturday game. He was the SEC pitcher of the week last week.

My guess is either Charlie Goldstein or Jaden Woods — both lefties — will start Friday. They were in the rotation for the Florida series over the weekend.

Sullivan and Woods both dominated us in 2021 so I’m pretty sure they’ll probably throw Woods

I remember those 2 lefties being dominant against our hogs. The lineup they will face this time around has a lot of different players. Can they do a better job hitting the baseball and making them work? It won’t be an easy task but I think our hugs will do fine.

This Arkansas team hits left-handed pitching (.320) better than it hits right-handed pitching (.282). In fact, no SEC team hits left-handers better, and only Vanderbilt hits right-handers worse.


Yes I’m looking forward to seeing how this lineup matches up against them.

This sounds like an anamoly, but I suspect our left handed hitters are just better hitters. Example, McLaughlin yesterday vs lefties…pushed a couple tough pitches to left field. Our righties, just don’t seem to be able to do that well.

Now I know I am getting old. I had to look up what WHIP means.
That stat was not around in my day.

Yes pretty much all about approach for LH facing LH… you have to drive the ball up the middle and the other way to have much success unless they just hang one that you can crush to RF… we have several hitters doing a good job of that…Cali in the lineup really helps too.

Goldstein will start the second game for Georgia.

5.67 ERA 27 IP 27 hits 14 BB 35 K so he’s been getting hit

I just hope
The hogs show good discipline at the plate and hit the ball. The hogs really need to win this series! Keep winning series and see where things shake out. The next 3 weeks
@ Georgia
Texas A&M
@. Miss St
These 3 series need to be wins. The last 2
S Carolina
@ Vandy
Won’t be east by no means.

Pick up the W tomorrow and on to game 2.

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