Georgia on brink of getting swept

Down 4-0 in the 8th to the Leghumpers at Stankvomit. But UGa got a leadoff double in the 8th so we’ll see what happens. We steamrolled Moo U last weekend when they were #2 and then they go home and demolish another top 5 team.

Georgia got a two-out RBI single to end the shutout, runners at the corners and tying run at the plate.

Dawgs left the bases loaded for the second straight inning. 4-1, bottom 8.

Other scores:

LSU beat Bama 5-4. Tide loaded the bases in the 9th but couldn’t score.
SoCar leading Misery 5-4, top 5
Florida beat Kentucky, leaving the Cats in last in the East, although the Poultry will join them if Mizzou comes back to win.