Georgia offers Khari Johnson

Welcome to the late stages before signing day.

I would be surprised if he flips because he and his family are so into Arkansas.

But…wouldn’t be surprised to see him visit Georgia either.

Hearing Bama may offer. Not sure it will happen but I was told that.

Good lord! Stay strong Khari!

we got our work cut out holding onto him looks like.

But, but…he was a 2-star.

Some fans were complaining about that and now this.


I wasn’t one of them,I watched his tape and knew he had talent

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He won’t be a 2-star anymore now that GA and Bama are calling.

He flat turned down Georgia’s offer - there probably isn’t a lot of (perceived) difference to him between the 2 (since Bama was brought back down to earth a little this year by LSU). Think he is a pretty-high character individual (hope he is for sure!)

Good grief man…got to hold on to this kid for sure!

He didn’t get that impression. I think he will, but the possibility of visiting Ga. was there as of yesterday.

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