Georgia just choking there playoff chance away

Up 28-14 late in the 3rdjust giving the game away

They did but they are definitely one of the four best team will be a shame if they don’t get in

They shouldn’t get in over a 1 loss conference champ.

Alabama would have made it in had they lost, but Georgia is probably toast with 2 losses. I think Oklahoma slides in the 4th slot. That tiny quarterback of theirs is a player, but that defense is about as bad as ours.

I’m sick of Bama and would have liked to seen the upset, with that being said to give up 3 TDs in 4th, miss a chippie FG and that 4th down punt/blunder its a bad look and will cost em IMO

what will cost Ga is they lost by 20 to a team Bama beat by 29.and the fact they have played them twice now.

Georgia was playing against the refs and Bama

Ignored face mask on UGAQB

Ignored calls for chop blocking by Bama Oline

Ignored pass interference calls on UGA recivers

Bad ball placement against UGA in the 4th Qrt

The list goes on

The officials choosing to not influence the game and let the players play infunced the game

Sad but not surprising this is the Same SEC official community that picket up Uzf and carried them across the Goal line when Ark was winning bs Tim Tebo


This is one time I dong think it’s the usual and understandable subconscious prejudice that happens and influences officials to unconsciously favor the larger and higher ranked team

This was SEC home cooking

This is big good for college football

Congrats UGA - you deserved better

Next time don’t fake a Punt on 4th down when the other team is still showing defense