Georgia has teir hands full

Nicholls up 14-13 halfway through the third quarter.

Came to post this…WOW.

The same Nichols team the Hogs beat 73-7 in CBB’s 2nd year.


Georgia is getting their act together now.

Really thought the Nichols’ QB’s arm was going forward.

I thought so too, but it was close enough that once called, you couldn’t overturn it.

26-24 with around 4 minutes to go in the 4th.

GA was a 55 point favorite! I can already hear the sounds of “Bring back Richt”.

Watching this game and Troy Clemson should make all of our fanbase feel a bit better about our LaTech narrow win. UGA NARROWLY wins…and Clemson is in a dog fight. 13-10 late in the 3rd.

It’s been an incredible first two weeks. Today UGA barely won. Clemson is struggling with Troy (now a 10 pt lead early in the 4th), and Mercer is tied with Georgia Tech. Oh, & Okie St is losing to Cent Michigan.

So, does that mean Clemson is overrated, or AUB is gonna kick are tails?

Central Michigan just beat #22 Okie Light