Georgia has replaced Sam Pittman

With Matt Luke.

Coaching carousel is spinning! WPS

Yeah if we hire Barry Odom then all three fired SEC HCs will have landed assistant gigs within the conference.

What’s your thoughts on Odom. WPS

I don’t know what DC prospects are among those 500 texts Sam got. Odom would certainly be a possibility. So would Charlie Strong. Or Chris Ash, and Sam worked with him here in 2013. Sam might want to promote somebody he worked with at Georgia. But as Sam said there are probably some names in his text inbox that no one would suspect.

Georgia, Ole Miss and Arkansas football each highly affected and influenced by a symbolic leg lift, dog peeing, end zone celebration.

The universe indeed produces random events and occurrences.

I’ve read (a while ago) Strong would not move to Arkansas. Not sure that is true but it’s been reported in the past.

He would be a great hire for DC.

So would Randy Shannon.

Yes he would.

I’m sure CSP has all those guys in his contacts, Mizzou defense beat us up every time we played them the last couple years, they were light years ahead of us on physicality and tackling I thought. CSP says we will become more physical and I thought there’s no way we could be any softer than our last few years. I thought Mizzou’s physical play was the reflection of Odom’s coaching. WPS

It’s hard to be hard-hitting when you line up out of position, blow your assignments and get blocked every play.

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Exactly, Swine. Can’t hit ‘em if they’re outta reach.

Your right there no doubt, I may be all wet but we are going to see some big changes under CSP. I’m not expecting miracles or raising expectations that are unrealistic, I just expect to see steady improvement. I do feel we will see current players coached up under our new coach, I also believe that any member of this soon to be staff that doesn’t give 100% will be sent packing and same goes for the players. WPS

That’s what I expect too. Also expected it under Chad and Chief but it didn’t happen.

The thing I like so far is the getting back to the basics and no gimmicks or silly phrases. I have a little excitement rise up in me when I listen to CSP speak and knowing the possibilities of being able to recruit well and have those recruits become difference makers for the Razorbacks. I’m not kidding myself into thinking we have a seasoned HC at the helm, but we do have a hungry coach that’s at his dream job with tons of football knowledge and skills. I sincerely hope for Sam Pittman the players and fans that its enough to make him a successful head coach. WPS

The explanation on defensive style from Pittman smacked of Barry Odom.

Could we interpret that as a hint?

A very interesting observation, hawgjaw. The universe does have a pulse to it. All movement, dominoes away.
Nasim Taleb would smile approvingly.