Georgia grad transfer

What has happened to the Georgia Grad transfer, Brini?. I was thinking he was in the secondary.

Latavious Brini was working at second team safety over the weekend during Fastball Start. Nothing has happened to him.

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Thanks, Scottie

I had the same question, after reading the article today on the secondary, since Brini wasn’t mentioned.
Glad to hear he’s on the team, he should help us.


Brini is a safety, with the size of a linebacker!

The main story on the front page focused on cornerbacks, not safeties, so he wasn’t mentioned.

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Scottie I keep hearing about Mcglothern, and notice he is not running with the 1’s.I was thinking we brought him in to start.

Let’s wait and see who is out there on the first defensive play on Sept 3rd. Sanders doesn’t run “fastball” at all, neither did Burks last year, I don’t get hung up on what the media sees for 20 minutes.

Those Fastball Start-built depth charts are just a good base to work with to start camp. Things change. Dominique Bowman spoke highly of McGlothern yesterday. Heard a lot about his confidence in the spring and again in camp. He had a bit of a hamstring deal late in the spring. I think he’ll make a move in the coming weeks and probably start Week 1. Just a gut feeling.

You think he is taking Clark spot?

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