Georgia- Florida games

I didn’t realize the Georgia-Florida game was in Jacksonville., what is the difference of having our game this weekend in Dallas. I didn’t realize the sec screwed us there also.


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That is frustrating

Georgia and Florida have no desire to play that game on campus. They had to for two years when Jacksonville reworked the stadium in the 90s, but otherwise its always there.

I’m sure that is true. But I’m also sure we would rather play the Aggies at Jerry world. Since I don’t know the entire story I’ll speculate the SEC screwed us again. Being underdogs is part of my Arkansas DNA…

The SEC doesn’t have anything to do with the game in Arlington. This is a contract between Arkansas and A&M. The only thing the SEC has to do with this game is set the date.


Most of the Georgia wealthy donors are in south Georgia. The students appear to love the party atmosphere in Jacksonvile. I have lived in Georgia 53 years and have only seen one or two rather weak attempts to bring the game to home and home.

Not even that. The dates were set for 11 years in advance by the schools and Cowboys.

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The SEC did not move the game out of Arlington this year. Texas A&M did because it was the home team.

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Dang Matt we was looking for another reason to be __ off at the SEC!

A&M wants to get out of Jerry World and play at home in front of 100,000 (or 50,000) Aggies. I understand that. They get plenty of recruits and students from Dallas. We’re looking to add both.

I’d say that’s the view of most Georgians. They love going to Jville. On the other hand, most Florida fans live in Florida. It’s no fun for them to go to Jacksonville; shoot most of them live in Orlando or near the beach, already. It’s no vacation weekend for them, unless they win.

RD said that he didn’t think it helped much with football recruits, we don’t need to recruit the students anymore. The instate scholarships they can qualify for, and the fact that we’ve had students coming from there in large numbers for 10+ years, feeds itself. We need money, and we’ll make more more in a game in RRS.

The Florida fans prefer going to Jacksonville every year over going to Athens every other year.

Also tabbed the world’s largest cocktail party during tailgating time.

I live 85 miles away and I don’t go to Athens, except when they play the Hogs.

aTm gets to play at home this year then gets our AD to agree to play at AT&T stadium instead of Fayetteville next year. Man talk about a stroke of power.

I doubt Jerry wanted to host the game anyway since he could not sell many seats. I am sure he would still have to pay the teams their guaranteed amount if they played there.

The teams get to keep their ticket sales revenue and paid Jerry rent. Jerry also got the concessions and parking.

I thought Jerry had a guarantee 5 million (or something like that) to each team?