Georgia fans love Sam

Flying back from several meetings in Atlanta.

Discussions inevitably turn to the game.

Every Georgia fan in meetings raves about Sam and called him one of their own after his times there.

Love and respect seemed to be common themes about Sam.

Was fun to hear on the ground.


It’s funny…a few Georgia fans I know now mention Sam as someone we were fortunate enough to “have Georgia let you have”, as if UGA is responsible for our football rebirth.

Many of them did not know - until I educated them - that Sam coached at Arkansas prior to his time at UGA, and (as all of us know) grew up a fan of the Razorbacks less than 100 miles from our campus.

They didn’t “give” us anything. I’m glad they know, like and respect Sam…as they should. But if they think he’s returning to worship at the feet of Uga, they’ve got another think coming.


I live in TN less than a half mile from the GA line. And I have many GA friends who echo what @bushhog said.

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