Georgia DT commits to Arkansas


Richard, did you see him in person? If he has decent athletic ability at this size he could be a disruptor on the DL

BTW, go Hogs!

His position appears to be defensive line-the whole defensive line. He is one large person.

Yea, he’s definitely the size advertised. I posted somewhere over the weekend, but during the Friday night photo shoot, he did a handstand and I’m told it was freakish to see him do it so easily.



Here’s his junior season Hudl

He’s a huge kid. … hopefully this kid can step in here and be a force! Welcome aboard!!


I’m glad we finally pulled a big DT from H.S. recruiting. He fits the Ridgeway mold, a space eater that commands a double team and allows the LB’s to run freely.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his way to OT at some point. Him on one side and Harris on the other. Good lord

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