Georgia D-lineman commits to Arkansas


Do we still take Deal? Do we still feel good about Deal?

These numbers are getting tight…

Big kid but has no profile on 247 so no highlights to see. I will trust the coaches on this one… welcome Aboard!

I almost feel like you would make room for Deal if he was coming. Can never have enough massive D Linemen in my opinion- something we have always lacked in!

Awesome commitment. Glad to have players with focus and intensity. Thrilled to have you be a Hog, big man.

My sentiments as well. You have to take Deal

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Yes, we need big defensive linemen. Glad we got him.

You would if he wanted to come.

To have 2 massive big guys up front for the dline is unheard of in Razorback recruiting. I love it!!!

Found a highlight video

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That is a man !

Amazing how well he keeps an eye on where the ball is while immediately being in fierce, physical contact. Physicality+!

Thanks. I missed this one. Will add to the story.

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