Georgia Coach White gives Hogs props postgame

Always respected this guy. Solid in every way.


Always been a class act and tells it like it is as well. Hell get ga going again in the right direction.

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I imagine he will eventually end up at his alma mater. I’ve always liked the guy.

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Ole miss right?



Ole Miss would be a step down from Jawja, or the Wallets before that.

It wasn’t when he played there.

I dunno. He played in that awful Tad Pad. That place made Georgia’s arena look like a palace. He was part of Rob Evan’s gang that made Ole Miss pretty respectable. I’ve always thought that Georgia had a higher ceiling than Ole Miss, because of the talent in and around Atlanta. And it’s Georgia. Home of the Bulldogs. Not the Confederates.


White will be in Athens a long time. They don’t care about basketball up there very much. He will have just enough on-court success to keep everyone happy.

There’s a bunch of hoops talent in Mississippi. Denny Crum made his living recruiting Mississippi for a while. Bama has gotten a bunch of MS kids over the years. If somebody in Oxbarn or Stankvomit could corral the state’s best players, they’d have something.

Rob Evans wound up beating us with Arkansas kids Nolan didn’t recruit. One of whom is now their AD. Of course, Ansu Sesay, who was from Houston IIRC, didn’t hurt either.


Yep. And another is coaching the UCA Bears.

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