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Mathis may be the only QB they’ve got. If so, Kirby won’t want to run him that much.

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Yes, but think about how wonderful it will be to see those kind of posts:

“This is clearly on Pittman and the staff. They got the team ranked to 4th in the nation and were clearly looking ahead to Bama next week. Now, we’re going to probably drop to 10 or 11 in the rankings. It’s unacceptable.”

Glorious. Simply glorious. Ah…one day.


After watching the 2 hand touch under CCM it will be a welcomed sight.
Tough and physical. Something we used to see as the normal
Out of our Hogs.

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Yes I’m worried about LB’er as well. UGA, will pound the ball to see if we can hold up against that huge UGA OL that Sam built. I also see Mathis getting pass plays called in throwing side line and swing passes to keep UA guessing. I don’t expect a Frosh QB throwing a lot of deep routes, but short safe routes. Pressure from UA ends could cause confusion for a young QB. WPS!

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