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Their is absolutely no mention nor concern of next weekends game from the Bulldogs Board.

And if were being unbiased here I completely understand. As they say the players play the game not the fans. BUT…

I personally haven’t felt this kind of good vibe heading into a game since Jan 1, 2000 especially after reading where JT has yet to be cleared.

Some of you may believe its just rose colored glasses but if the O-Line can hold until 2.5 seconds on average (which is much better than FSU last season) Felipe in a Briles Offense is A THREAT!!


I think we will play pretty solid football, especially on offense. I am more concerned about the lack of talent at linebacker and the defense as a whole. We should be improved with Barry Odom heading up the defense, but he can’t block or tackle.

If we play hard and physical and don’t quit like we have in the past few years, that would be a good start to the season.


D’Wan Mathis can be lethal with his legs hopefully Malik Hornsby is getting work in practice acting as him.

I’ll just say this…last I heard, we were a 24 point dog (or thereabouts).

If I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d take those points and feel pretty good about it.

And that’s no disrespect to Georgia, who is without a doubt more talented than we are up and down the roster, and well coached to boot. There are just some intangibles in play here.

Georgia almost certainly wins, but I’d be surprised if they cover. As old Lee Corso likes to say…“closer than the experts think!”.

Here’s one of those “experts”…and he disagrees with me.


Georgia will cover in the first half.

It really hard to take Arkansas seriously from our past performance

Here in the Bleugrass the fact we had to take a Postion Coach as head coach is used as a pejorative

One only Hopes the UGA Players feel the same and Coach Sam - and the unknowns of this season play in Arkansas favor

Now does that eman a win? In my wildest dreams yes

Now reality - someone posted UGA will cover the speard in the 1st Qrt - Well thats a very possible reality


We had 1 all sec preseason. They had double digits. No one gives us a chance. I have no idea what to do expect. New coaching staff, covid, just hoping I see some want to out there. New era, gotta start somewhere. Go hogs

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We haven’t won a SEC game in a few years
UGA fancies themselves as a national champion contender
Why in the world would they be concerned with the game next weekend?

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Hope they aren’t concerned with the game.


And its absolutly the best thing that could be happening for us right now, (mindset) viewing a unknown opponent as a glorified scrimmage opportunity, to fine tune for the Auburn game the following week.

If Arkansas can force their Freshmen D’wan Mathis into making decisions and not allow him to find some comfort in the flow of the offense…all bets are off.

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In looking at Missouri’s results the last few years against GA, the spread looks about right. I think Odom is a fine coach, but his teams really struggled with GA when he was head coach and guys knew his system. We couldn’t even handle MO with our talent…

I am not trying to be a downer, but I am not expecting a win out of the gate with our new coaching staff. I am expecting to see vast improvement. So my score prediction will be 31-17 bad guys. But much like most games last year, we won’t be able to stop the opponents in the 4th when it really matters.

Now, I WILL be routing for some MAGIC to return because ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!!! So GO HOGS!!!

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Georgia will pound the rock. If we can’t stop them, they will cover the spread.

A team that can run against a team that is struggling with its high speed offense is a very bad combination.

Having said that, I expect Briles to pound the rock as well, which should help limit turnovers and UGA chances to score more points.

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That is not Todd Monken’s modus operandi in college or the NFL. He has been implementing Mike Gundy’s air raid since day one of practice. Yes they will definitely test Derrick LeBlanc’s line to see if its improved and in pure desperation if D’wan Mathis decision making and accuracy hasn’t matured since G-Day 2019.

The Georgia fans convinced HC Kirby Smart that more offensive explosion was needed and he’s allowed Coach Monken to have total freedom.

You’re right it’s not Monken’s MO, but they have a tough QB situation, studs on the Oline and Kirby Smart as the head coach. They would be idiots not to pound it on us to start out until we prove we can stop it. That aside, I believe the weakest part of our defense is the back end from linebackers to the secondary, which is a perfect situation for an air raid attack.

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The final score isn’t what I’m worried about after the past few years watching our Hogs blow leads under CBB and follow that up by just rolling over and becoming a punching bag!
I want to see some toughness and fight! Play hard regardless!


Their second string could probably beat us in all honesty. We are one of the least talented teams in the SEC.
Theres a reason they aren’t worried, and until we recruit better and prove something, it’s justified to not worry about us.

If the shoe was on the other foot, Arkansas fans would be looking ahead to the next game.

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Amen ! Toughness and playing hard is a good start, I believe CSP can sell Arkansas! Anything is better than the soft & lost style of the last several years. Good post Army. WPS


I do agree to take pressure off of a Freshmen QB most Opposition Coordinators will test Derrick LeBlanc’s line.
My biggest fear is D’Wan Mathis “LEGS” not his arm.

He can easily extend a perfectly defended play. His accuracy is questionable but his elusiveness is elite.

I’ve been reading a lot about their practice reports the past 2 months and Jamie Newman was the most successful moving the ball downfield, J.T. Daniels was #2 barring clearance. D’Wan Mathis wasn’t mentioned until 2nd/3rd references were made.

That only changed recently when Newman left. 14 days ago the Georgia board was hyping J.T. Daniels as the man. As of today Sunday September 20th still hasn’t been cleared for contact now D’Wan Mathis is now being hyped because Arkansas shouldn’t present that much of a challenge next weekend because of their 2018 - 2020 win/loss record.

If Georgia is unable to run the ball at a successful clip, at least enough to keep 3rd downs respectable and everything falls on this young man’s shoulders, I’m telling anyone that will listen Arkansas can win this freaking game.

Given it’s the first game and all of the kinks aren’t worked out, I’d say Ark has a much better chance now than if we played them in the 2nd week.

An elite running QB that can throw just ok, is a nightmare for defenses. See Matt Jones, the list goes on. It’s another runner you have to keep up with and I’ll bet your right that Mathis will run plenty. They will likely prefer to for him to run in game one if his primary, or maybe secondary receiver isn’t open.

I just hope our offense is on - unlikely game one - and we get a few breaks and most importantly… this team is free of completely goober mistakes like I saw under Morris in season 1 early games. e.g. players with the same number on the field at the same time, offsides on a qb, complete missasignments on the Oline.

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