Georgia beats Kentucky by 7

According to Joe Lunardi, that knocks Kentucky out of the NCAA field with 4 weeks to Selection Sunday.

We can tie UK in the SEC standings by beating Moo U today.

There may be a log jam for 4 th in just a little while. Of course Bama needs to beat Auburn

Sure takes a bit of the shine off our win.

It is worth it to see Greaseball get beat!

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I hope Kentucky starts to win.

I don’t want UK to replace Calipari with a coach that can actually challenge Muss.



U r correct about that army :+1:

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Bama did beat AU. Helps us…

Vandy is about to finish off Florida. Also helps us.

And Vandy is taking down the Gators. That will help as well, assuming we win today…

If we win, we’ll be tied for fourth with Auburn, the Jellycats and possibly Misery.

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