Georgia at Arkansas game 3

It’s 58 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #OmaHogs

Perfect weather for baseball.

I like balancing the lineup up with L,R,L,R just hope Bolden can get out the 1st unscathed.
SC up 2-1 over Ms St in the 3rd

why have review if its not overturned,obviously ball hit the knob of the bat!!

are you freaking kidding me!!! WTH are we doing!!!

Sure doesn’t look like the same team that I’ve been watching.

This game just doesn’t have a good feel. I guess I’d rather have a slump now than 4 weeks from now

why are we pitching to him!!! 3 runs against this guy their throwing looks like 30!

The team looks like they are in a grey area and not the grey area between the ears

23 pitches and 7 outs. So much for getting to the BP early

Well HBP and Walks! That’s the way to give up free runs. Oh well.

it will be a miracle if we score any of him,amazing that teams like Mizzou,SC got 3-4 off him but right now we are clueless

Uga hasn’t been as good as us this season, but they’re sure better than us this weekend

UGA is into the game. Excited. We look dead. 3 runs feels like 10 or more.

Just a display of poor at bats, yesterday and today. Just hope they wake up soon!!

Great teams do not lose to teams like Auburn and Alabama and A&M at home. Much less lose a series to the likes of UGA at home. That last part hasn’t happened yet. But UGA looks like a better team. MUCH better team.

Exactly what I started to post. We just look listless.

Vanderbilt lost a series to Georgia at home a few weeks ago. The Bulldogs outscored Vandy 25-8 that weekend.

Georgia seems to me like a team that plays up or down to its competition.

Ok. Point taken. Didn’t remember that.