Georgia at Arkansas game 2

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Ms State pounding SC again 9-3 in the 6th, Got 5 runs and 6 hits(2 HR’s) in 2 inn off their hot shot FR Sanders aka Don Drysdale LoL,we are going to have to win 7 of our last 9 to make them go 9-0.
Tenn11-4 over Mizzou in the 6th

Ga pitcher has only 5 BB in 43 inn means he throws strikes…go up there ready to swing! Hes’s been up and down SC,Mizzou, Tenn hit him good but shutout Vandy for 7 inn.

Tonight’s view:

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much better!

PA guys have a great sense of humor. When UGA came out to take infield, the PA began playing Puppy Love. :joy:


Pallette has to keep the ball out of the middle.they dont come back in this league

Got nothing out of that!!

Well down 1 early isn’t the end of the world. The hogs just need to string some hits together.

There is a big-time wind to left field tonight. It is forecast to gust up to 35 mph.

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Thanks Matt. I was just about to ask that question. Just tuned in.

Well Moore gets a sac fly and Optiz hits a ground ball to the 1B and Franklin can’t score. 2 outs need a hit out of Smith.

Thats 2 times runner on 3rd less than 2 outs and got nothing…should have 3 runs

Yes for sure. Too impatient at the plate to get something to drive to the outfield.
Heck just squeeze!

Arkansas is making good contact against Jonathan Cannon. It feels like a matter of time before there is a breakthrough against him.

Both teams have made good contact.

Well at least we got that run back

Yes we did do that

From my chair, the stadium looks packed tonight. It does not feel like two-thirds capacity.


Looks the same on TV…