Georgia at Arkansas, game 1

Well, they’re working on it.

That looks like a big job!

Hopefully about an 8 pm first pitch.

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This kind of weather weekend is right down our alley.

Bama has hammered Rocker for 6 runs on 6 hits in 3 2/3 inn all 11 outs are K. lead 6-4.
Miss St 6-0 over SC in the 7th SC has 1 hit.
Mizzou 3-2 over Tenn in the 4th

Why in the world is the SECN showing LSU/ Auburn? They both suck. You would think the #1 team in the country could get a little more air time. They wouldn’t do this to Kentucky in basketball or Bama in football. It seems like I’m streaming every game.

exactly and ESPNU showed them last night!!

already missed 3rd strike call

There’s still an LSU love fest by the networks and the SEC broadcast crews are especially sucking up to LSU.

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Awesome inning by Wick 94-95 on FB

Yes Wicklander looked really good.
Now the offense need to get rolling.

That strike 3 on Gregory was a ball for Wick…

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Yes but it will even out. That’s about the same location of the call 3rd strike at LSU that ended game 3!

all 3 LH had very poor AB

Georgia’s unis are UGAly. Maybe worse than Mistake and Vandy.

Let’s see what Moore and Optiz can do!
Switch hitters from the right side.
Franklin has been hit let’s see how he opens this series.

way to go up there to hit Moore!!!