Georgia/Arkansas game thread

Ugh so far

We seem to do this a lot.

No other game in all of college basketball will start 14-0 all weekend. Just rediculous.

No defense whatsoever… Desi Sills is keeping us remotely in the game. Georgia shooting the ball way better than they normally do,they will not be able to keep this up.

They are giving Joe and Jones a lot of attention.

And making layups which we give up a lot.

Gonna take a lot of grit to come back from this.

Hard to start off this bad and win to many…

Georgia is just on fire. Even their ugly shots are going in.

Hello NIT if we don’t get our defense in gear.

I agree, poor defense and they will cool off from outside. We need to rebound and give them one shot each trip. We are not following our shot for the offensive rebound and as many as we’ve missed there’s been plenty of opportunities. WPS

I think we have a run coming soon

Goal is to get it to 10 before halftime.

Just got on here to look but knew we would be behind. Always start out slow on the road

We are getting some opportunities to get back in this game! WPS

Let’s get it down to 5 or 6 points by half

Down to ten! WPS

LOL Hammond’s playing 25 feet over his head.

Isaiah Joe says…, whose ya Daddy :slight_smile:

Awesome comeback just got to start the second half exact same way we ended it

And then he does it again…

Nice comeback. Surely they will cool off.