Georgia and Bama’s DL Are Dudes!

Watched some of both of their games yesterday, and these DL harassed the other teams offense to death. Their OL are good also…very good. The LOS is what separates these two teams from the rest of the pack this year, plus Bama has skill players on offense all over the field. Both of these teams will probably be i the CFP at the end of the year.

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We are so blessed to get Georgia again (sarcasm). Their D looked great against Clemson. Didn’t see enough of Bama game to comment. But obviously they are good too.

It could very easily be Bama-Georgia in two straight games a month apart. Georgia has to get its offense fixed; you can’t depend on pick-sixes to win in the SEC. But man, that D.

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Watched both games, and was just cringing as I thought of what they are going to do to us.

Surely surely, please Lord surely we can play better than we did against rice.


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They don’t use the DE spot to contain very much. The speed off the edges is unreal. They are coming in hot!!! A lot!!

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Georgia’s inside guy,…6’6",…340 and very strong,very quick…beast…!

Will Anderson at Alabama is the real deal. They had to take him out of scrimmages because they couldn’t block him to run any plays.

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I did not see any other defenses this weekend at the level of GA or Bama, and it all started with their linemen. I think these two teams will again be playing for the SEC and national championships at the end of the year.

I watched Bama, they’re good (don’t get me wrong, real good), but Miami is overrated. The “media” guys that vote for the AP poll always overhype Miami, FSU, and OU (and ND a lot) because of what they used to be. So, I don’t think judging them off the Miami game is a fair assessment.

As for GA, I wasn’t impressed with either GA or Clemson’s offense. They both have great D’s, but does it have more to do with the offenses being inept, or are they just defensive juggernauts?

Alabama and Georgia are awesome on defense. We won’t have a chance against them.

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